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Dr. Fred Bisci

Part of my job Monday thru Friday is talking with people about nutrition. I have come to Dr. Bisci with hundreds of questions from people around the globe. There has never been a question he could not answer, in detail. Regardless of whether people's concerns are about arthritis and Crohn's disease or indigestion and migraines, he always has an answer, a solution. In every case he knows what foods should be added or eliminated and what supplements are needed to speed recovery. I have seen it happen time and time again that Fred's nutritional advice has empowered people to heal from degenerative diseases of all kinds.

Sometimes he and I also talk about more personal questions concerning life, relationships, exercise, and spiritual and personal growth. His advice always hits my heart. Fred is like a father to me. While reading his interview, you will soon realize that a good amount of information in Raw Spirit was inspired by this man. Dr. Bisci has a PhD in Nutrition, and has seen well over 25,000 people during his 50 year career. In addition, Fred has been Raw for over four decades. He has a "super brain" that works like a computer and a purity of character that inspires me. We are fortunate Fred has agreed to participate in this interview.

Thank you Fred for taking the time.

Here are the questions that Fred answers in this book, Raw Spirit.

  1. Not many people understand what happens to their body on a cellular level when they improve their diet. Do you feel that understanding this concept would result in much better health amongst the Raw Food community?
  2. Can you talk a little about how someone can become cleaner on a cellular level?

  3. Why is it bad to go back and forth from a Raw Food Diet to a cooked food diet?

  4. Why is it necessary to leave something out of our diet completely if we want to heal? Why can't we cheat just a little bit every once in a while?

  5. What is the order of food groups that one should leave out of their diet from first to last?

  6. I mention in this book that a raw food eater is more sensitive to polluted air than a cooked food eater. Do you feel your health is suffering because you are a Raw Foodist living in NY air pollution?

  7. Why do you think Dr. Norman Walker lived to be such an old age?

  8. What kinds of problems can someone run into who eats too much fruit?

  9. How much fruit is too much?

  10. You have mentioned that long term raw food eaters can run into problems if given pharmaceutical or intravenous drugs. Why is this?

  11. You have been on a raw diet for over four decades. Have you ever encountered a problem with medical drugs?

  12. Do you feel that raw food eaters should be raising their newborn babies Raw?

  13. I don't know anyone that is a bigger animal lover then you. How do you recommend someone raise his or her pet?

  14. How do you feel about the use of alcohol?

  15. How do you feel about the use of marijuana?

  16. Do you feel that colonics are important?

  17. Do you feel that one needs to do colonics to be successful on a raw food diet?

  18. I have talked to you about how I have had gas and waste problems ever since I became Raw. Is this normal?

  19. Even when I am eating really well, feeling emotionally okay, and have been eliminating fine, inevitably after two weeks, gas and waste build up in my system and I need to do a colonic.

  20. I do colonics a couple times per month. Is it bad to do it this many times?

  21. Is it possible to do too many colonics?

  22. How do you feel about Bernard Jensen's psyllium and bentonite cleanse?

  23. After I did the psyllium bentonite cleanse I started to experience the energy fields that I mention in this book for the first time. Can you comment on that?

  24. How do you feel about the aluminum content in bentonite clay, one of the major ingredients of Bernard Jensen's cleanse?

  25. Do you think this Bernard Jensen's cleanse would drastically improve someone's health and level of cleanliness?

  26. When I was eating cooked foods, I ate everything and anything and never had any noticeable digestive problems. Why, now that I'm Raw, must I contend with annoying digestive upsets (gas) whenever I eat bad food combinations?

  27. Some people say that you shouldn't mix too many types of fats at one meal. How do you feel about that?

  28. What are your thoughts on Hyperbaric Medicine?

  29. Why do you feel that raw food eaters seem to be dying at the same age as cooked food eaters?

  30. Why are those that have been eating a raw diet for many decades at more risk of running into serious complications compared to others?

  31. Why are eating nuts so important for a raw food eater in the long run?

  32. You have been on a Raw Diet for 40 years. It would be very hard for you to go back to eating foods that are not raw. If you could do it all over again, would you add any other foods into your diet?

  33. How about adding raw goat's milk or raw cheese to your diet?

  34. How old do you think someone could live in this day and age if they committed to an optimal Raw Diet?

  35. Do you feel that eating once a day is a big key for longevity?

  36. Do you feel that systematically under eating is a big key in longevity?

  37. Do you feel that exercise is key to longevity?

  38. Do you think that drinking vegetable juice is necessary to succeed on a Raw Diet?

  39. Does the body of a raw food eater handle stress better?

  40. Do you believe that Breatharianism is possible?

  41. Do you feel that supplements are necessary for a raw food eater?

  42. I have heard you say that many spiritual things happen to the person that becomes a 100% raw food eater. Can you talk about any of those spiritual experiences?

  43. What has a Raw Diet done to your brain (memory)?

  44. Do you feel that men should conserve their sperm?

  45. Can someone eliminate all of his or her Sexual Transmitted Diseasess (STD's) on a raw food diet?

  46. Is a raw food diet the best way to deal with degenerative diseases?

  47. What is your diet like? How many times a day do you normally eat?